Over 20 years experience as a graphic designer with a strong background in education and corporate communications.

I'm a graphic designer located in the Roanoke County, VA area. I've been here for a little over twelve years after moving down from Lower Bucks in Philadelphia, PA. As a freelancer or part of a creative team, I've designed print and digital publications, newspaper advertisements, conference programs, brochures, newsletters, web and email advertising, billboards, logos, posters, magazines, exhibits, annual reports, brochures, and web sites. I've also created animated presentations (usually in Flash), delivered online or as a standalone, incorporating video and sound. I work on a macintosh in the most popular programs in Adobe Creative Cloud and consider myself very knowledgeable in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat and Flash.

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    Extremely disciplined in self-managing projects, adapting techniques and learning new software.
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    Able to collaborate and communicate with various levels of marketing and communications teams.
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    Experienced with managing overall organization publications from conception to completion.
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    Able to establish creative solutions and standards, developing project budgets and schedules.
A logo is a visual respresentation of what your company or service offers. It's the first impression; building loyalty, establishing brand identity, and providing a professional look.

I think most people aren't aware how much thought and time a graphic designer puts into designing a logo. All your supporting marketing and advertising pieces created start with it. Your logo kicks off your brand - your visual identity. I work in Illustrator for logos - so the logo is resolution independent. In other words, you can scale the logo to the size of a billboard and it won't have ragged edges.

Look at logos of other businesses within your industry. Focus on your message and the key benefit your business offers. Think clean and functional and how it will be utilized over a number of mediums for consistency. How will it look at very small sizes? Will it look good in two colors? Four? Black and white? Can someone tell what you do or what your product is by just seeing your logo?

For brochures, direct mail, conference programs, annual reports, etc. - text is provided to me as word files with some formatting to show me where the titles or main points are. Any available artwork is also emailed - photographs, existing logo. Fonts, styles, and artwork are carried through for consistency.
Posters, billboards, online advertising and digital design.
Below are a couple of links to resources I thought might be helpful.
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    Flashmo Flashmo.com is an fantastic resource for free flash templates.

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    Theme Forestthemeforest.net site templates and themes in html, for email, WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.

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    Tympanustympanus.net site loaded with articles and tutorials on practically everything to do with web design.

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    The Square Gridthesquaregrid.com CSS framework for designers and developers, based on 35 equal-width columns.

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    Mighty Dealsmightydeals.com site with many low-cost tools for designers and developers.

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    Lyndalynda.com every designer knows this site, online resource for software training and online-tutorials.

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Phone: 540.772.4997
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